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KPAP depends on donations and grants to help fund our free programs for porters. You can help support the work of the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project.
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Donations made through the International Mountain Explorers Connection, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, are tax-deductible according to U.S. law for U.S. donors.The best way to support the work of KPAP is by making a financial donation. Please join us and become a part of advocating for and safeguarding the fair and ethical treatment of Kilimanjaro porters by donating to this worthy cause. KPAP also accepts donated mountain climbing gear from climbers and organizations.


Thank You to Our Supporters

We are deeply grateful to all of the individuals and organizations that value and support KPAP’s work.

KPAP Supporters

Everest 96 Memorial Fund2016
Phil and Valerie Brown2016
Scott Dimetrosky2016
Mike Deeds2016
Anna Oursler2016
Melanie Keaney2016
Stephen Gosztony2016
Kerry McCaig2016
Robert Forest2016
Susan Tomley2016
Nadine Baumann2016
Marian Marbury2016
Mary Dunn2016
Matthew Todd2016
Intrepid Foundation2016
Bridget McEvoy Day2016
Yong Lee2016
Andre Dufour2016
Mutual of America2016
Rebecca Heidkamp2016
Judith Sarafin2016
Maureen Greene2016
Paul Morrow2016
Worldwide Travel Group2016
Bruce Brumberg2016
Franziska Hubner2016
Jeffrey Martin2016
Peter Shirley2016
Rob Insinger2016
Christine Costello.2016
Hal Davis2016
John Redmond2016
Malcolm Lackey2016
Maria McEvoy2016
Walter Kingsbery2016
Anne Clay2016
Jean M Covell2016
Jeremy Hoffman2016
John Holt2016
Leslie Mitchell2016
Marc Desrosiers2016
Marianne Wilson2016
Shane Jones2016
Joanne Shirley2016
Lawrence Cotter2016
Jim Macey2016
Mark Clixby2016
Jack S Zuzack2016
Everest 96 Memorial Fund2015
Phil and Valerie Brown2015
Evergreen Middle School in Memory of Lesley Jankowsky2015
Nicole Pires2015
Melanie Keaney2015
Robin and Debbie Carmichael2015
Scott Dimetrosky2015
Martine Guerguil and Sarah Sanya with the International Monetary Fund2015
Mike Deeds2015
Nadine Baumann2015
Intrepid Foundation2015
Marian Marbury2015
Terence Stanuch2015
Bridget McEvoy Day2015
Judith Sarafin2015
Andre Dufour2015
The Benevity Community Impact Fund2015
Benedict Casnocha2015
Emma & Damian Frewer2015
Danielle C Miller2015
Thomas Bogen2015
Thomas J Balcavage2015
Walter Kingsbery2015
William B Ainley2015
Frank Butler2015
John Holt2015
Susan Coit2015
Lawrence Cotter2015
Carrie Montagna2015
Mark Clixby2015
The Community Foundation / Everest 96 Memorial Fund2014
Phil and Valerie Brown2014
Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy2014
Intrepid Foundation2014
Stephen Gosztony2014
Juniper Foundation2014
Thomson Safaris2014
International Porters Protection Group2014
David Brown2014
Melanie Haske2014
Martine Guerguil and Sarah Sanya with IMF2014
Duma Explorer2014
Mary Dunn2014
Frank Kroger2014
Andre Dufour2014
John Brophy2014
Susan Tomley2014
Marianne Wilson2014
George Nimmo2014
Steve Miller2014
Gabriele Brown2014
Amy Penner-Walker2014
Adam Faeth2014
Jean M Covell2014
Gwen Richards2014
John Holt2014
Christine Costello.2014
Esther Cartwright2014
Lawrence Cotter2014
Gracia Morton2014
Leslie Mitchell2014