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QuestionHow many people work for Kilimanjaro Responsible Trekking Organization (KRTO)
AnswerWe are a team of five people.
QuestionAre you volunteers?
AnswerNo, we are not volunteering. We get a salary according to Tanzanian standards.
QuestionDo you work 7 days a week?
AnswerWe work in shifts. People climb the mountain 7 days a week. So, we have to be available as well.
QuestionHow many porters work for the operators in the program Partner for responsible travel (KRTO)?
QuestionWhat is a KRTO porter?
QuestionDoes the KRTO porter work for the partner for responsible travel company?
QuestionWhat is the difference between the wage of the porter and tipping?
QuestionIs an operator obliged to pay a wage? And how much?
QuestionIs the tip the wage? Or is it extra?