Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP)

One of the best known initiatives of KRTO is the Partner for Responsible Travel Program. The monitoring of the program is organized by the Kilimanjaro Porter Assistance project (KPAP). We have two other important projects: Kilimanjaro Environmental Care Awareness (KECA) and Community Empowerment and Development (CED).

Lending mountain clothing

KRTO receives donated mountain equipment from climbers and organizations. This gear is available free of charge for a loan to porters and mountain crew who cannot afford the proper climbing equipment. By stamping all donated clothing with a KPAP label and requiring an item of value (phone, bicycle) to serve as a deposit from the those who borrow, KPAP has a clothing return rate of over 90% since 2003.

All mountain crew are welcome to borrow gear from the (free of charge) lending program.

Please contact KRTO if you are interested in donating gear to support our Clothing Lending Program at [email protected]

Advocating for fair treatment

Via our contacts and participation in meetings we advocate for fair treatment.

Promoting climbing company with responsible treatment practices

Via our activities we promote climbers to choose one of the companies with responsible treatment practices. Providing educational opportunities. KPAP organises free educational programs and training classes for porters and crews about:

  • Budgeting & Money Management (1,957)
  • Through funding provided by the Tanzanian Foundation for Civil Society, KPAP has instructed 5,225 porters in classes on Porter Rights
  • 1,387 mountain crew have been certified in First Aid
  • 84 porters and guides have been trained as First Aid Instructors
  • Vaccine Education Class: 620