Partner for Responsible Travel Program

KRTO is an initiative of the International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based out of Boulder, Colorado in the United States. IMEC instituted the Responsible Travel Program to recognize climbing companies with responsible treatment practices. One of the initiatives of KRTO, the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistant Project (KPAP), monitors the companies’ treatment of the crew to determine if a company is meeting the proper treatment guidelines. Monitoring activities take place year-round and include:

  • Porter Questionnaires and Interviews
  • Examination of partner company’s salary distribution methods
  • Review of partner company’s tipping procedure
  • Audit and reporting by a KPAP porter investigative porter on all partner company climbs
  • Providing feedback and suggestions for improvements

The Responsible Travel Program is based on the Proper Porter Treatment Guidelines established by the following Kilimanjaro stakeholders:

  • Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism
  • Tanzania National Park Authority (TANAPA)
  • Kilimanjaro National Park Authority (KINAPA)
  • Tour Operator Associations
  • Guide and Porter Associations

All climbing companies are welcome to participate with the Responsible Travel Program. There is no cost to join. KRTO performs ongoing monitoring activities to ensure the Partner companies are in compliance with the Guidelines for Proper Porter Treatment. We urge you to consider these Partner Companies when choosing a company to climb Kilimanjaro.